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Joining Forces To Cure Brain Tumors

Total Funds Raised to Date


2011 National Walk to End Brain Tumors

The first Walk to End Brain Cancer was held on May 28, 2011.  The goal was to raise $500 for the first attempt.  What a grand surprise when with the help of 100 walkers, runners and donors we raised $6,918.

You made it happen!!  Thanks to everyone who walked or donated.

A Grey Ribbon Affair Results

A month passed since the Grey Ribbon Affair and everything has been counted and I am proud to say that a check for $3,885 will go for Brain tumor research.  I want to thank everyone who attended, donated, made baskets, made food, traveled all the way from the West Coast and everyone who worked the event to make it a success.  I could not have done it without all of you.  I also want to thank Dr. Okada who always finds time from his busy schedule to attend all of the events.  I can always count on him to say a few words letting everyone know why raising these funds are so important.

Everyone seemed to have a good time.  The people from the Chocolate Fountain Adventures were kept quite busy

at the chocolate fountain.  The bartenders said the Rustic Acres wines were also a big hit and as there were no

appetizers left I'm sure they were good too.  There was wonderful support for the Basket and Silent Auctions.  

This was not sup rising as we had some great baskets and auction items which went for a fraction of their value.  

I am looking forward to hosting another Grey Ribbon Affair in the future and hope to see you all there.

Photos of the event can be found on our Facebook Page.

Thank you for being one of Denise's People.

A check for $3,885 was given to the U.P.C.I. for Brain Tumor research.

2012 National Walk to End Brain Tumors

Our second National Walk to End Brain Cancer was held on May 19, 2012.  The walk was a huge success.  We  more than doubled last year's goal with a total of $17,815 and 300 walkers/runners and an additional 120 donors.

We could not have done it without your help.  Thanks for everyone who walked or donated.

A Dollar Makes Sense

A Dollar Makes Sense Campaign unfortunately was not a very popular fundraising event.  The total raised was $235.  This amount was donated to and included in the total for the Walk to End Brain Cancer.  Thank you to everyone who donated and although the amount raised wasn't was I was hoping for, it will still help.  No donation is too small as it all adds up to help in the cause to find a cure.



Go Grey in May Bowl-A-Thon in memory of Lisa Hauser

Many thanks to Jody Rivera for a very enjoyable event. Everyone had a great time and the BowL-A-Thon raised $1865.00. This event was held at Sherwood Lanes in Butler, Pennsylvania and Jody plans to host this event again next year. We are very excited for next year's Bowl-A-Thon. 

2016 Pittsburgh's 6th Annual Walk/Run to End Brain Tumors

Thank you to everyone who braved the cold and came out to make the 6th Annual Walk to End Brain Tumors a success.  Total raised so far for the event is $73,000 but donations are still being accepted on the registration site. We had to speed activities up due to the weather but otherwise I think everything else went well. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped this year, many who have been there every year (you know who you are). Thank you to Dr. Drappatz and Dr. Amankulor, The Perry High School Honor Society and their teacher Ms. Snyder, the Princesses and Super hero's from Angels From the Heart Organization, everyone who donated baskets, WISH radio Street Treat Patrol, my daughter Amy for making another beautiful quilt and all the sponsors who are listed on our web site. Most of all to the 50 teams who recruited family and friends and to the individuals who participated. YOU are the ones who make this a success. Hopefully a cure will be found in the near future but until then we will continue to do what we do. I look forward to seeing everyone again next year.


Grey Ribbon Affair, September 2015

 Thank you to everyone who attended The Grey Ribbon Affair.  Everyone I spoke with had only compliments.  It was so nice to be able to meet and greet each and every one of you as you are all special to me.   We are all connected in one way or another to this horrible disease which is what brought us all together.

Thank you to the awesome trio (Sean, Trevor and Alex), the wonderful comedian (Andrea) who volunteered their talents to entertain us, and Dr. Amankulor for taking time and sharing his thoughts with us.    Thank you also to everyone who donated baskets and baked goods.  A special thanks to everyone who traveled from out of town to attend this event.

The proceeds from this event were only $3,000, but with addition donations that have been received, I will be giving a check in the amount of $16,000 to the Cancer Center.  This will make Denise’s People total contribution for 2015 $95,000.  Not quite the $100,000 I was hoping for but there is always next year.

Thank you for being one of Denise’s People.

2015 Pittsburgh's 5th Annual Walk to End Brain Tumors

YOU did it!  All of YOU coming together, organizing teams, recruiting donors and spreading the word is what made Pittsburgh's 5th Annual Walk To End Brain Tumors a huge success. My goal for this year was $75,000 and to date we have raised $85,000 with donations still coming in. We had 43 teams, 712 registrants and 776 donors.  We had donors from 29 different states, Hong Kong, Australia and England.  Some of the registrants came from different states to participate.  To say I am overwhelmed would be an understatement.  I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.  As always 100% of the proceeds will go to Brain Tumor research. 


Thank you to all the volunteers who got up before dawn to give of their time, managed registration, made baskets, blew up and tied balloons, served refreshments and tickets, helped set up and tear down or anything else that was asked of them for this event. Thank you to the Princess's and Super Hero's who came out, what a nice surprise for the children. 


 A special thank you to our sponsors which are listed on our sponsor page, whose donations paid the expenses for the grove, the police, etc. assuring that 100% of all donations go to research.  A special thank you to my daughter and granddaughter (both Amy's) for the beautiful quilt they worked on all year.  The winner was thrilled when informed she won it.


Because of YOU, some lives may be saved and hopefully a cure will be found in the near future.


Looking forward to seeing you next year May15, 2016.



Amy Marzolf

2014 National Walk to End Brain Tumors

Well the 4th Annual Walk to End Brain Tumors has come and gone. As I sit trying to find an adequate way to show my gratitude, the only way that comes to mind is a simple, Thank You, Thank You, and Thank You again!

This year we had a fantastic turn out with 513 walkers/runners, 240 donors, and 32 teams raising a total to date of $37,586.  YOU made it happen!  I was thrilled to see so many come out on such a cold, rainy day.

Special thanks to family, friends and volunteers who served on the committee or came early (6:30 am) to set up.  To all who made and donated baskets.  To Dr. Leiberman, Dr. Okada and Dr. Drappatz who found time in their busy schedules for our event.  To Faces by Christina who delighted everyone with fantastic face painting.  To WISH radio for the Turkey Hill ice cream and other treats.  To Jr. Miss Pennsylvania, Lyndsey Cieslak, who started the walkers, sold 50/50 tickets and anything else we asked of her.  A very special thanks to our generous sponsors, all who participated or donated and continue to do so every year.  With your support in the past 4 years we have raised a total of $107,420.

Mark your calendars for our next walk on May 17, 2015.  This is not marathon Sunday.  Hopefully it will be warmer.  I look forward to seeing you all there!

2013 National Walk to End Brain Tumors

Dear Friend,

"Thank You", two words I have used countless times, but today they seem so inadequate.  My goal for the 3rd annual Walk to End Brain Tumors was as usual to double the numbers from last year.  The totals from last year were 300 walkers/runners, 120 donors and a total of $17,815.  The totals this year are 750 walkers/runners not counting the children which took us over 800, 261 donors, 32 teams and the grand total as of today is (drum roll please) $45,101.  SUCCESS!!!  The goal has been achieved and it was all of you who made it happen.  Thank you doesn't seem sufficient enough to express my gratitude.

Thank you to everyone who served on the planning committee, shared ideas and helped find sponsors.  Thank you to all the sponsors who donated money, ice cream, fruit, water, gift cards, water bottles, silicone bands, nutrition bars and discount coupons.  Thank you to all the people who took the time and expense to make the wonderful baskets and donated items for silent auction.  Thank you to the volunteers who came bright and early to help set up, complete  registrations, serve refreshments, sell tickets, man water stations and knot over 500 balloons.  A special thank you to Dr. Okada who always finds the time to attend and say a few words explaining what we are trying to do.  Most of all, Thank you to everyone who walked, ran or donated.  Without you the walk would not happen.

I apologize to anyone who should have and didn't get a t-shirt.  I underestimated the number of walk up registrations and did not order enough extra shirts.  Next year I promise to order more.

100% of the money raised is going to Dr. Okada's vaccine research project.  This money will be used to purchase supplies needed to make enough vaccine for an additional 10-12 people.

My thoughts and prayers are with all the people who have teams named after them whether they are survivors or lost the battle like my daughter.  My wish is that one day a cure will be found and this walk will not be needed.  Until that day the walk will go on, so mark your calendar for May 4, 2014, same time, same place.

God Bless all of you!!