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Joining Forces To Cure Brain Tumors

A Child's Point of View...

“In October of 2010 my aunt, Denise Snair, died from a brain tumer that slowly grew and started to limit what she did.  The years before were spent in chemotherapy, a group to test new medicine, and generally pill after pill.  In July of 2010, the doctor told my grandmother that Denise only had three months left to live.

The next three months were filled with sitting in my aunt's kitchen doing homework, while my mom, grandmother and other family members helped Denise do everything.  We all knew it was useless though, we knew it wasn't enough.

Then one day I got home from school to two of my brothers sitting on a couch with overnight bags for us all.  Aunt Dee Dee's blood pressure had dropped, so a friend was going to take us to their house while everyone else, my parents, aunts, uncles, and grandmother, rushed to my Aunt's if they weren't already there.

The next day Aunt Dee Dee, a daughter, a sister, and mother past away.

I felt like crap for the next couple months, going on autopilot with a blank look on my face.

My grandmother decided to not let brain cancer do to other families what it had done to ours.  She created, with the help of the rest of us, Denise's People.  This organization helps raise awareness and money to help find the cure to cancer.  That brings me to the main topic of this post, the 2nd Annual Walk to End Brain Cancer.

We did this last year with a goal to raise $500.  We raised between $6000 and $7000.  Wow.  We had barely any public advertising, most of it was word of mouth from a family member.

I'm asking you to come out and join me, and the rest of my family this year in May."

Trevor Justice

This is an unaltered reproduction of a class project done in March of 2012 when Trevor was 14.

Denise was my daughter, a mother to her two son's a sister, a loyal friend and conscientious and dedicated employee.  She had a smile that would light up a room but many people were unaware that beneath that smile was a very scared young woman.


In December of 2005 Denise awoke with a numbness on her right side followed by an electrical pulse down the same side.  After examination at the hospital she was told she had a brain tumor.  She couldn't understand how this could happen to a 40 year old healthy woman.  This was the beginning of a long and courageous five year battle including radiation, chemotherapy and a participation in a clinical study.  Denise told me when she started the clinical study, "I am going to be a pioneer and help find a cure for Brain Cancer", but it didn't work for her.  Even though she was scared and sad on the inside, she always had a smile for all the employees at Hillman Cancer Center.  When she came through the door they would say, "Denise is here", and she would spread her arms and reply. "Yes, me and all my people".  Thus the title Denise's People. 

Denise passed away October 13, 2010, approximately 6 weeks before her 46th birthday, on Christmas day.

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