Joining Forces To Cure Brain Tumors

For the past 7 months I have been fighting an ongoing illness. Because of this I am now unable to perform all the duties required to run a non-profit. Regretfully, I will be dissolving by the end of 2017.  
When I started this endeavor after the passing of my daughter in 2010 I had no idea how or what to do to raise money for a non-profit. Thanks to Al Musella at the Musella Foundation I was taught what I needed to know.
In the past 7 years we have raised over $307,200 which has gone to Clinical Trials and research. This was ONLY accomplished because of help from Corporate Sponsors, volunteers, donors and sponsors who supported our cause and joined in our events. Whenever I tried to speak at any event I could not hold back the tears. Everyone thought this was due to the loss of my daughter when in fact it was because I was so overwhelmed and proud for all the supporters standing all around me. The simple words Thank You never seemed enough.
This disease took my daughter but also brought into my life amazing people I would never have met. I will always be grateful for them and the experiences we have shared.
P.S. Please consider joining in the Brain Cancer Awareness 5K held each year in August. I don’t think you will be disappointed. Go to the website to learn more. 



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More info on brain cancer and brain tumors.

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